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Steve Kihm
Narrative 804 LLC and Slipstream Group Inc.

Friday, February 12, 2021
Online Event

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There is a lot of talk about risk in utility markets, such as that associated with non-existent load growth and the possibility of premature closure of fossil fuel plants. However, utility investors might be seeing the world through a different lens. With the exception of the initial market-wide reaction to the pandemic, utility stocks have been trending upward for more than a decade while energy stocks (oil and gas) have tumbled. This tells us that we might need to look more closely at what’s going on.

Steve shared his perspective on the “Utility Economic Outlook for 2021 (and Beyond)” and answered WPUI Member questions.

This brief overview covered two types of information:
1. Explicit information, e.g. News items we can see and read.
2. Implicit information, e.g. What do utility stock prices tell us?