Energy Utility Basics 2021

Pyle Center
702 Langdon St.
Madison WI

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Comments from past attendees:

“Thank you! Enjoyed the week and learned a lot.”

“Excellent speakers – very knowledgeable and able to convey info.”

“Great variety but all related in some way to my work.”

“I’m new to the industry so it was helpful to me.”

“Above and beyond expectations.”

October 4-8, 2021

CEUs will be available

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Pyle Center
The Pyle Center


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Energy Utility Basics Classroom


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Energy Utility Basics Panel


course synopsis


Energy Utility Basics is an intensive course on the fundamental concepts critical to being conversant in today’s energy industry. Course content is updated yearly as technology, regulation and markets evolve. WPUI has proudly presented this exceptional course each fall since 1983.

Course Summary: Participants will receive an overview of the history of the electric and natural gas industries, insights into regulatory decision-making, analysis of the current issues facing the energy industry, and more.

Benefits: Attendees will obtain practical knowledge of the operations and technology of the electricity and natural gas industries from extraction, whether from the ground or from renewables, to the customer’s bill. Course registration covers daily lunches and breaks, printed course materials, optional field trips, and continuing education units (CEUs).

Who Should Attend: The energy industry has undergone substantial changes, including changes in hiring practices. Twenty years ago, utility industry staff would learn about the industry by working their way up through the ranks. In today’s fast-moving business environment, staff often are hired from other industries, bringing along important skill sets but lacking a working knowledge of the energy industry.

Energy Utility Basics is intended for anyone working in the energy industry, including public interest groups, utility employees, legislative staff, regulatory staff, state and local government personnel. This course is for energy professionals, those new to the industry as well as those assuming new responsibilities, who want a better grasp of how all the technological, financial and administrative pieces of the energy puzzle fit together. Registration is open to the public.

Registration includes breaks, lunches, reception, access to electronic materials, and optional tours. Printed materials will be available for an additional fee.
CEU certificates will be emailed upon completion of the course.
Accommodations:    Each of these locations is one block from the Pyle Center and our classroom.

Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St., Madison, 608-256-2621
$125/night; 1 block from the Pyle Center
Link for reserving a guest room at the Lowell Center forthcoming.

Graduate Madison Hotel, 601 Langdon St., Madison, 608-257-4391
$195/night; 1 block from the Pyle Center
Link for reserving a guest room at the Graduate Madison forthcoming.

Parking may be available in UW-Madison Lot 46 and in the City of Madison State Street Campus Garage at 415 N. Lake St.

Energy Utility Basics Registration/Cancellation Policy:    Coming Soon