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9:00am – 2:30pm

Web conference

Over the past two decades, the electric industry has undergone incredible change,
and the transformation of the industry continues. Possibilities abound for innovative
and dynamic opportunities to power our future while reducing our carbon footprint.
As emerging technologies in the energy industry continue to evolve and increase their market presence, how are these technologies reaching consumers? What are the partnerships needed to bring innovative technologies to the market? What are some considerations that utilities and regulators need to understand to ensure emerging technologies can be implemented
cost-effectively and sustainably?


9:00-9:10          Welcome and Opening Remarks
Rebecca Cameron Valcq, Chairperson, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

9:10-10:00        An Overview of Emerging Technologies – Technology is changing constantly. Recent changes have occurred in technology for renewable energy, communications, and data analytics for the benefit of consumers and utilities. Smart inverters enabling interconnection of solar to the distribution system not only support advanced protection mechanisms for reliability but can also enable utilities to better manage their system power quality. Increases in availability of fiber, 5G, and other communications technologies allow utilities and consumers better access to data. And enhanced tools for data analytics allows utilities to make better decisions for themselves and provide better data for consumers. This session will discuss each of these including accessibility of these technologies, how they interact with each other, future advances anticipated, and how COVID-19 has highlighted the importance and value in some of these areas.
Jim Weikert, Vice President of Utility Automation & Communications, Power System Engineering

10:00-10:45      Harnessing the Data – As technologies evolve, they are also getting smarter and are capable of producing massive amounts of data. How are utilities leveraging advances in information technology and data science to interact with customers? Can utilities better deploy emerging technologies to more effectively target and serve different population segments’ needs?
Doug Ahl, Vice President, Slipstream Group, Inc.

10:45 – 11:00    Break

11:00-11:45        The Elusive 20% – Pre- and even during the pandemic, many government leaders have emphasized 100% renewables goals. Are those goals still realistic? How do we get to the last 20% of carbon reduction? How will emerging technologies help to advance those goals?
Mike Kuglitsch, Representative, District 84, Wisconsin State Legislature

Jane McCurry, Electric Transportation Program Manager, RENEW Wisconsin
Rob Palmberg, Vice President, External and Member Relations, Dairyland Power Cooperative
Stacie Reece, Sustainability Program Coordinator, City of Madison Wisconsin

11:45-12:15         Lunch Break

12:15-1:15           What are Regulators Thinking About? Does the traditional regulatory process work for utility adoption of emerging technologies? With ambiguity in state and federal policies, the potential for government policies to change, continuous technology improvements, and market evolvement, how do regulators plan for infrastructure needs multiple years down the road?
Tyler Huebner, Commissioner, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Sarah Hofmann, Commissioner, Vermont Public Utility Commission
Richard Lozier Jr, Board Member, Iowa Utilities Board
Talina Mathews, Commissioner, Kentucky Public Service Commission
Sally Talberg, Commissioner, Michigan Public Service Commission

1:15-1:30              Break

1:30-2:30            How will Emerging Technologies Help Utilities Interface with their Customers? How will emerging technologies impact utilities’ efforts in addressing racial and socioeconomic disparities among their customers?

Tom Content, Executive Director, Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin

Naomi Davis, Founder & President, Blacks in Green
Paula Glover, President & CEO, American Association of Blacks in Energy
Jes Rivas, Principal, ILLUME Advising
Karl Hoesly , Regional Vice President, Rates and Regulatory Affairs, Xcel Energy

2:30                       Adjourn

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