Utility Roundtable Discussion

WPS’ iCanConserve and National Grid’s EV Program
December 17th / Union South / Madison, WI
WPS’ iCanConserve Discussion Covered:
  • What happened when over 5,000 customers were defaulted to a Time-of-Use and Inclining Block Rate design
  • The benefits of involving local leaders up front, using testimonials, and using a separate brand name/microsite for launching the pilot.
  • The power of your logo for increasing opportunities to connect with your customers.
  • Whether or not there is value in providing customers with detailed (near real-time) energy usage information.
  • What happened to savings when customers changed their rate and used a device (smart thermostat or energy display)?
  • An unbiased first-hand report on the real maturity of advanced metering technology
  • Possible problems with wi-fi devices such as whether customers will rely on the utilities call center for wi-fi power notification failures.
  • Key lessons learned when working with a 3rd party vendor (Google) for customer usage information.


10:00 – 11:00am   Cheri Salmon, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

The iCanConserve project 

11: 00 – 11:45am  Ben Dickson, CB&I, Focus on Energy Representative

Complementary programs from Focus

11:45am – 12:15pm Lunch

12:15 – 1:00pm Joe Kramer, Energy Center of WI

An evaluation of the meters and other tools used in iCanConserve–what works and what does not work for in-home meters?

1:00 – 2:00pm Lisa Stefanik, DNV GL

What did the iCanConserve program deliver?  Report on an evaluation of costs and benefits.

2:00pm – 3:00pm John Gilbrook, National Grid

Electric Vehicles-Taking it to the streets

National Grid’s efforts to jumpstart the EV market in the Northeast.  And the findings to date…

John Gilbrook is the Alternative Transportation lead for National Grid US. National Grid is an electric and gas utility operating in Ma, NY and RI and has recently deployed more than 150 EV charging stations in an effort to jumpstart the market, breakdown barriers of misconception and provide their customers with more choice and control in the way they use energy to get around. John will provide detail surrounding what compelled National Grid to pursue this initiative and the various markers of success they have reached so far.
3:00pm – Adjourn

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Cheri Salmon, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

Ben Dickson, CB&I, Focus on Energy Representative

Joe Kramer, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Lisa Stefanik, DNV GL

John Gilbrook, National Grid

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