Decoding the Energy Industry: A Free Summer Energy Utility Basics Course


Tuesday & Thursday Evenings   6:00 – 8:00 pm

Starts: July 15  –  Ends: August 7

Engineering Physics 602

1610 Engineering Hall


The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.

-Joseph Joubert


It is difficult to engage in constructive discussion about our energy future if there is not a common language shared by all participants. This summer series is intended to give you a working vocabulary of energy terms, what they mean, what the options are, and how to use our words to craft our energy future currently under siege by change in technology and public expectation’s.

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Decoding the Energy Industry

Session Information

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July 15th – Session 1: A History of Power and Politics
by: Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait and Scott Williams, Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
Correction: On Slide for an 188o’s, 16 hp should be 16 cp (candle power)
by: Bruce Chapman, CA Energy
Correction:  The US average kwh/month is 300, not 30.
July 22nd – Session 3: Just How Much Energy is Out There?
by: Alan Carroll, UW-Madison
***In room 1800***
July 24th – Session 4: The Pile On – Should We Really Be Adding Electric Vehicles?
by: Lauren Azar, Azar Law LLC; Laura Williams, Madison Gas and Electric, Fran Crotty, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; and
Bulent Sarlioglu , Wisconsin Energy Institute
July 29th – Session 5: Our Non-Carbon Based Technologies
by: Mike Corradini, Wisconsin Energy Institute; Jim Tinjum, UW-Madison; and
Tyler Huebner, RENEW Wisconsin
by: Ken Copp, ATC
Just added–Demonstration of the Tesla Coil–Dennis Bahr, Director of R&D for Helionx
August 5th – Session 7: Under Siege? The Social Contract that Created the Monopoly
by: Richard Hirsh, Virginia Tech
August 7th - Session 8 : You Are in Charge: Create an Energy Portfolio
by: Paul Meier, Wisconsin Energy Institute

This Series Is Offered Free of Charge

Please Register to attend or webcast to let us know that you are interested
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Contact Information

Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait: Wisconsin Public Utility Director
Wisconsin Public Utility Institute is a member supported organization. It is their contributions that allow us to offer this series at no charge to the general public.  
Please spread the word and invite friends!
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