Paul Lorenzini – NuScale Power

Paul Lorenzini, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, NuScale Power

Paul LorenziniPaul Lorenzini has extensive experience in both executive management and nuclear operations. He began his career with Atomics International, a division of Rockwell International, after earning his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from Oregon State University. While at Rockwell he was involved in developing safety analysis codes for design of the Liquid Metal-cooled Fast Breeder Reactor (LMFBR). During this period he attended law school receiving his JD.  He also became involved in the public controversy over nuclear power and was Co-Chair in 1976 of the California campaign committee organized to oppose an anti-nuclear initiative.

Lorenzini returned to Oregon to join a Portland law firm where he represented leaders in Eastern Oregon who intervened in state regulatory proceeding in support of a proposed nuclear plant in their community. Lorenzini later re-joined Rockwell International at the Hanford nuclear defense complex in Eastern Washington.  Rockwell employed more than 5,000 people and was responsible for nuclear waste management, fuel reprocessing, the Basalt Waste Isolation Project and major site services, such as fire, patrol, security and other common services.  He subsequently was named Vice President and General Manager of Rockwell’s Hanford Operations.

Lorenzini joined PacifiCorp, an electric utility company in Portland, Oregon where he spent more than a decade in several executive management positions, including President of Pacific Power & Light; Chief Executive Officer, PacifiCorp Turkey; and Chief Executive Officer, Powercor Australia. During this period Lorenzini served in several civic roles including Chair, Citizens Crime Commission; National Executive Board, Boy Scouts of America; Chair, Neighborhood Partnership Fund; and Campaign Chair United Way. He also served in various capacities on the Marylhurst College Board of Trustees, the Portland Chamber of Commerce, the Oregon Symphony, and the Oregon Independent College Foundation. He is the recipient of the Multnomah County Volunteer Award, the Community Partnerships award and Crime Commission Annual Citizenship Award. He is currently the Chair-elect of the Oregon State University Foundation.

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