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Understanding, Using and Measuring Peoples’ Attitudes Towards…

September 18, 2009

Room 2180, Mechanical Engineering Building

Do you know (and can you reach) customers:

  • Who will participate in a government program?  It might surprise you.
  • Who will (or won’t) use Eco-Driving to increase fuel economy?  This might surprise you too.
  • Who believe that global warming is real and are willing to make changes in their lives?

How willing are customers to conserve, and can you find them with accuracy or only with a shotgun?  Are you interested in knowing the expected length of time you can count on change to be supported?  This presentation will review the uses of segmentation and report on some recent evaluation work.  This will be an interactive workshop and is open to anyone interested in how we can cost-effectively engage different attitudes regarding energy efficiency

Featured Presenters:

  • Carrie Hollenberg, SRI Business Intelligence
    • In 2006, Hollenberg participated in a survey of American environmental attitudes as well as in a study of Californian attitudes towards recycling. In 2008, she participated in two related studies about global warming. Clients include Motorola, Nissan, Nokia and California’s Department of Conservation. Hollenberg holds a BA in Environmental Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Bobbi Tannenbaum, KEMA
    • Bobbi Tannenbaum is a senior principal consultant at KEMA with 25 years experience in the energy and evaluation industry. Her work focuses primarily on evaluation and market research in support of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.  A current study includes longitudinal analysis (with control groups) of changes in attitudes and behavior resulting from a series of pilot programs. Tannenbaum has an M.S. in Energy Analysis and Policy from UW Madison.

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