• Do you find “stories” in numbers?
  • Do you like to solve puzzles? Use logic to find a needle in a haystack?
  • Like to explore new ways to think about problems?
  • Like to work in a team?


Accepting Applications Through May 1,  

Information–What do you work on while in REDA

M.A. curriculum at a glance–course outline


The University of Wisconsin – Madison REDA program may be a good match for you.

Justin Margolies

Justin Margolies

Kathleen Ward

Kathleen Ward

“I had been working at a solar installation company after graduating with a degree in international studies.  But I realized that while I understood the theory behind micro-economics, I did not really know how to put theory into action.  I found that the REDA program, with its accelerated path to a Master’s, was a good fit for me.  This is a hands-on, take the data apart, look under the hood, and really understand what is going on inside the theory kind of program. We learn how to apply the theory to real applications.”  Justin Margoilis, 3/16


“While working in an energy economics firm, I came to appreciate the incredible diversity of applications for both macro- and mirco-economics.  I was using quantitative tools, but using them on faith that they were the right tool for the job.  Then I found REDA.   This is a professional program, geared towards developing an understanding of the quantitative tools needed for successful analytical careers.  You will acquire a number of economic analysis tools to add to your “toolkit” and learn how to apply them to solve real world problems.  It is a year-long, hands-on applied energy economics immersion course.  While intense, it is a very positive place to learn because everyone in the program wants to be there.  More to the point, we all want to know what is really happening inside the different models that are used for analysis.”  Kathleen Ward 3/16

Both students agree, “Dr. Provencher does not simply provide random problems for us to solve.  He creates a whole story around the problem, so we have a context for the analysis and the solution.  He and his team take time to help us with our case work, making sure we do not spin our wheels on a troublesome problem”.

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