Consumers, Conservation and Convenience

A Dilemma, Opportunity or Both?

Is peer pressure sufficient to overcome the perceived hassles associated with changing our energy habits?

May 19th, 2011

The Fluno Center

9:30 am. – 2:30 (includes lunch)

Format: Roundtable Discussion

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The effects of social peer pressure are obvious.  The range of  of outcomes runs from childhood immunization programs to a desire to own automobiles that can do 200 mph in a country with a speed limit of 70.  Peer pressure is part of our daily lives and is on the rise as a tool used for changing energy efficiency behavior and it is sweeping through the energy industry as the next “big thing” to help change our energy consumption patterns.  But is peer pressure sufficient to overcome the perceived hassles associated with changing our energy habits?”
This program provides a roundtable discussion format regarding peer pressure and behavioral change options.

Featured Presenters:

Kathy Kuntz, Cool Choices. Hear about Cool Choices’ new approach to changing energy behavior including how they will monitor the impact of their program. Your next door neighbor may not be the most influential channel for energy change, it may be your work colleagues.

Dominique Brossard, UW Madison.  Dr. Brossard will address the durability of social marketing programs and why it is that energy may not be receptive to typical peer pressure marketing campaigns used for drinking, seat belts and others. Does change last? And can it be counted on to deliver once an active program is pulled from the market?

Belkin: Two Hour Featured Workshop with Kevin Ashton: Finally, we will have a unique opportunity to hear from Belkin’s research director on just what it is that consumers are willing to do to save energy–it may, or may not, just surprise you. Hear Kevin Ashton talk about years of consumer market research as it relates to electronic devices and customer willingness to engage in activities that support energy saving.

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