LPPC Rates Committee

Draft Agenda:  Every day will include roundtable discussions on current issues

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Case Study on Smart Grid Programs
In depth case study for Commonwealth Edison’s Smart Grid program from Ross Hemphill, Vice President of Regulatory Policy & Strategy and responsible for managing ComEd’s relationships with the Illinois Commerce Commission and its staff, as well as other regulatory bodies. He is also responsible for managing retail rates, revenue policy, development and implementation of ComEd’s pricing policy, and analysis of strategic policy options for ComEd’s distribution business

Demand Response
Update on results in California and other states with a focus on commercial and industrial. Steve Braithwait, Christensen Associated Energy Consulting

Evaluating Rate Options
This will be a working session with all participants led by Omaha Public Power District

Decoupling, Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Portfolio Standards
Dan Hansen and Bruce Chapman from Christensen Associated Energy


Seminar on current trends in marginal costing
Robert Camfield, Christensen Associates Energy Consulting–please see attachment for full agenda
Topics may change depending on interest of committee atteendees

  • Cost Concepts and Definitions
  • Electricity Services, Output  Metrics, Marginal Costs
  • Generation Services
  • Transmission Services

Other possible topics

  • Peaker methodology and the problem of peak load pricing
  • Marginal carrying charges on investment in capacity
  • The problem of capital indivisibility
  • Wholesale markets and discovering opportunity costs
  • Ancillary services including reactive power and black start

Vehicle to Grid Pricing Discussion
Johnson Controls Invited

Large Industrial and Commercial Companies–Tales from the Field
Richard Hackner, GDS


Future for Gas Supply
Alan Carroll, UW and Associate Editor for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin

Cost of Capital and Value of Debt Issues
Enrique Bacalao, Alliant Energy

The Fluno Center for Executive Training
Soma and ShorelingSite:  The Fluno Center A beautifully equipped training facility in the heart of the Madison-Wisconsin Campus, just blocks from the famous Terrace overlooking Lake Mendota.  To reserve a room, please visit:
Flat rate of $144 per night (no tax and includes wi-fi through out the entire facility)

All checks payable to the Omaha Public Power District
$550 for first attendee
$350 for each attendee thereafter
Fee includes continental breakfast, breaks, lunch and materials
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Travel Information
Fly into Madison Airport (call sign is MSN) and take a cab to the Fluno Center”
15 minutes away, approximately $18 plus tip
Plan for a 15 minute ride back to the airport and one hour for check-in
Need less expensive option?  Fly to Chicago and take the bus right to our door–cost is $28.00 one way, 3 hours of relaxing scenery.

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