Rate Design LPPC Rates Committee

August 13  –  15, 2014

Pyle Center (left)

Fee is $375 first company attendee, $300 all others

Accommodations at the Lowell Center 

($89/night Standard, $109 Lakeside rooms  –  see “light” colored building at the right)

Hotel Registration Site:  http://bit.ly/wpui12aug

Committee Registration Site

Confirmed topics

1.  LIPA will present the results of recent changes in securing renewable resources, including a just completed auction for supply and a feed-in tariff.

2.  AustinNet Energy Metering (NEM): Fair Compensation for Clean Electricity or Unjust Subsidy:   Austin will present on the Value of Solar that they have been working on and using recently. 

    • Includes a discussion on the alternatives to net metering and feed-in tariffs

3.  Acquiring Distributed Generation (DG) into your system that is not green – how do you price DG – and is there any difference if it is carbon-free DG?

4.  Seattle City Light program update.

5.  “Ratcheted”  and tiered customer charges: Is there a role for these rates today? Should tiered rates change by usage?   Should they be set based on a customers highest usage per day from the previous 12 to 24 billing months.

6.  Modern Approach to Electric Fuel Cost Recovery, by H. Edwin Overcast.   How to set fuel charges that adjust for changes above or below an average fuel cost in base rates. 

7.  Purchased power cost recovery strategies.

8.  Utility Infrastructure Replacement: Riders and Phased Rate Plans.

9.  Lighting rates:  Setting seasonal and street lighting.

10.  Telemetry service and fees–update on progress to date.

11.  Review of rate offerings–update from rate options survey.

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