Grid Storage: Rapidly Reframing Wholesale Markets

November 14, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 3:15 pm
Pyle Center, Rm 235
University of Wisconsin: Pyle Center
702 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706
$75 Members, $125 Non-Members
Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait

Grid Storage: Rapidly Reframing Wholesale Markets

Is Policy Driving Technology or is Technology Driving Policy?

Draft Agenda

8:15-8:30am            Welcome Coffee

8:30-8:35                 Introduction to the program and to Co-moderators, Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait, Director, Wisconsin Public Utility Institute

  • Scott Williams, Research and Education Coordinator, Wisconsin Energy Institute and Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
  • Jeff Anthony, Director of Membership and Business Development, Mid-west Energy Research Consortium

8:35-9:00                  Overview: Advanced Energy Storage Technology Options, Abby Mayer, Recent UW-Madison Graduate, Research and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA) Program  Abby Mayer PDF Presentation

9:00-10:00               Keynote: The Future of Grid Storage Research and Development, George Crabtree, Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Argonne National Laboratory George Crabtree PDF Presentation

10:00-10:15             Break

10:15-11:00             Chasing the Magic Number, Why have storage costs declined so quickly, and how close are we to the price point where storage really takes off around the country?  Bruce Beihoff, Technical Director of Industry Relations, Wisconsin Energy Institute, and Director, Technology Innovation, Mid-west Energy Research Consortium   Bruce Beihoff PDF Presentation

11:00-11:30              Discussion, Jeff Anthony, Moderator

  • George Crabtree
  • Bruce Beihoff

11:30-12:15              Recent Storage Integration Experiences and Market Outlook, Christopher Kuhl, Director Business Development, Energy Storage Solutions, Edison Energy Services/SoCore Energy   Christopher Kuhl PDF Presentation

12:15-12:30               Discussion, Jeff Anthony, Moderator

12:30-1:15                Lunch   Bring lunch back to your seat for the lunch-time speaker

12:45-1:15                 State of Charge — Optimizing Storage Applications for Maximum Benefits  Massachusetts recently released a report evaluating various use cases for storage in order to optimize grid benefits and understand policy implications for the state.
Jacqueline DeRosa, Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions  Jacqueline DeRosa PDF Presentation

1:15-1:30                  Break

1:30-2:00                   MISO’s Perspective on Grid Storage, How is the value of energy storage different in MISO’s footprint compared to other wholesale markets? Rao Konidena, Principal Advisor, Policy Studies, MISO  Rao Konidena PFD Presentation

2:00-2:45                  The Business Case and Legal Challenges for Energy Storage, Michael Allen, Attorney, Energy Law Wisconsin

Energy Storage has been compared to a Swiss Army Knife in its flexibility and utility to the electric grid. However, to make full use of the potential benefits that Energy Storage offers, you need to be aware of and navigate your way around potential legal impediments and understand the rules of markets that have not yet reached full maturity.  This presentation will take a hard look at Energy Storage’s future promise vs. current reality. It will also share very recent developments that are changing energy storage markets today.  Michael Allen PDF Presentation

2:45-3:15                 Closing the Loop, How can we get advanced batteries to the same point of recyclability as lead acid batteries? Michael Andrew, Director of Academic and Technical Programs, Johnson Controls – Power Solutions



Keynote Speaker: George Crabtree, Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Argonne National Laboratory

Your registration fee includes materials and meals/breaks.

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