Energy Utility Basics 2013

Agenda Wisconsin Public Utility Institute’s
Energy Utility Basics Course

October 21-25, 2013

Pyle Center
702 Langdon St.Madison, WI 53706
(Accommodations at Lowell Center)


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Energy Utility Basics is an intensive course on the fundamental concepts critical to being conversant in today’s energy industry. Course content is updated yearly as technology, regulation, competition and markets evolve.  WPUI has proudly presented this exceptional course each fall since 1983.Course Summary: Over four and a half days participants will receive an introduction to the electric and natural gas industries, insights into regulatory decision-making, and an analysis of the current issues facing both industries.  The dedicated gas course begins at Thursday noon continuing until mid-Day Friday. Benefits: Attendees will obtain practical, non-technical knowledge of the operations and technology of the natural gas and electricity industries from extraction, whether from the ground or renewables, to the customer’s bill. Course registration covers a field trip to a natural gas power plant, daily lunches and breaks, printed course materials and UW-Madison CEU or CLE certification.

Who Should Attend: The energy industry has undergone substantial changes – including changes in hiring practices. 20 years ago, new utility staff would start out learning the ropes by working up through the ranks. In today’s fast-moving business environment, it is often advantageous to hire staff from other industries, bringing in outside talent that doesn’t yet have a working knowledge of the energy industry. Energy Utility Basics is intended for anyone working in the energy industry, including public interest groups, legislative staff, regulatory staff, state and local government personnel. The course is for energy professionals who want a better grasp of how all the technological, financial and political pieces of the energy puzzle fit together. CLE and CEU eligible.Registration is open to the public


Program Topics

Regulatory Structure

Why a Regulated Monopoly?

Federal Roles, Rules, Spheres of Influence: FERC and EPA

The Public Service Commission-Roles and Rules, Balance of Power

Utility Company Models-Presentations and Panel Discussion

From the Ground to the Plug—Making Energy

From Heat to Electricity:  How We Make Electricity in the U.S.

Field Identification Guide to the Electric Industry

Day-to-Day Operations

A Day in the Life of a Distribution Company

Transmission-The Overlooked Connection

A Day in the Life of a Transmission Operator

A Day in the Life of an Independent Generator


What Drives Utility Stock Prices; What (Should) Keeps Utility Execs Awake at Night?

Basics of Rate Setting, Cost of Service, Efficient Pricing, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs

New Models for Pricing: Meeting Customer, Utility, Regulatory, and Stakeholder Needs (Part 1)

Declining Revenues and Rate Response

Wisconsin Response to Declining Sales

Decarbonizing our Generation Resources


Energy Efficiency

Geothermal and Biogas




Integrating Renewables from the Utilities Perspective

Gas Markets

What Everyone Ought to Know About Gas—

  • Exploration
  • Extraction
  • Transportation
  • The Markets for Gas
  • Distribution and Retail Issues

Tour of a newly converted coal plant to a gas plant!



Lowell Executive Training Campus

610 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706

Room Rate:   $89 (non-lake view) $109 Deluxe room (Lake View)

On-Line Group code is Energyub

Call (866) 301-1753 toll-free




Five Day Program -
Gas and Electric
Four Day Program -
Electric Only
WPUI Member $1450 $1300
Non-Member $2250 $1900
Government $700 $600
Non-Profit Member $1200 $950
Non-Profit Non-Member $1500 $1350

Thursday afternoon and Friday gas program only fees are available upon request


For More Information, please contact Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait at 608-890-1815

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