Dennis Winters – Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Dennis Winters

Chief of the Office of Economic Advisors, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Dennis WintersDennis Winters is the Chief of the Office of Economic Advisors in the Department of Workforce Development.

Mr. Winters’ expertise is in economic analysis, modeling, and forecasting; encompassing everything from designing commodity derivative strategies to long-term policy initiative scenario assessments.  Mr. Winters’ areas of focus include regional and national macroeconomics, energy and labor markets, and economic impact analysis.

Dennis was an energy analyst with Clayton Brokerage Co., the Executive Office of Energy Resources with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and at DRI Energy where he wrote on global energy markets and consulted to an array of energy companies and most large U.S utilities across their fuel spectrum dispatch.

He has served as an advisor to private industry, government agencies, and elected local, state, and federal officials.  Mr. Winters has testified before governmental investigative bodies on energy issues and appeared in television and radio interviews and has been quoted in the national press such as the Wall Street Journal, Investors Daily, USA Today, the Journal of Commerce, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Swedish equivalent of Business Week, as well as many local newspapers.

Mr. Winters has been a consulting economist for thirty years including senior positions at Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA), DRI / McGraw-Hill (now combined into Thomson Financial’s Global Insights).  He was Vice President and Director of Research for NorthStar Economics.

Dennis Winters was educated at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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