Assessing Natural Gas' New Promises and Controversies

Assessing Natural Gas’ New Promises and Controversies

October 3, 2011

Union South – Varsity Hall III (Parking at Union South Parking Garage or Lot 17)

  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Wisconsin Eye Video
  • Presentations (PDF):
  • Alan Carroll: U.S. Coal & Natural Gas Resources
  • Peter Taglia: Lifecycle Comparison of Coal and Gas
  • Betsey Day: Landscape Impacts of Shale Gas
  • Sue Tierney: Strategies to Reduce Environmental Risk from Shale Gas
  • Dale Nesbitt: Economic Outlook of Natural Gas Prices (Deloitte Report)

  • Three statements have been cycling around in the press about natural gas:

    • Is the bounty of newly accessible gas the bridge resource for moving us into a future of clean, affordable energy?
    • Does it bring with it new environmental threats to water supplies and climate?
    • And, is the forecasted promise really there?

    The answer to these questions depends on honest assessment of the new techniques that have dramatically altered the economics and resource availability of natural gas and an intelligent comparison of natural gas to the fuel it would supplant: coal.

    In this one-day program, a group of experts will explore the future of natural gas and what it means for the utility landscape in Wisconsin and beyond.  Participants will hear, and interact, as panels of speakers describe hydraulic fracturing, how it is changing the resource projections and economics of natural gas and the new questions about its environmental footprint.  We will also look at natural gas in the context of replacing energy from coal and ask the audience and a panel to address where natural gas fits into Wisconsin’s energy future.

    Click to view video webcast of the seminar from WisconsinEye.

    Featured Presenters: Click here to see background on our speakers

    • Susan Tierney, Managing Principal, Analysis Group; Member, Natural Gas Subcommittee of Secretary of Energy Advisory Board
    • Alan Carroll, UW-Madison Professor of Geoscience
    • Saya Kitasei, Sustainable Energy Fellow, Worldwatch Institute
    • Kevin Vesperman, Administrator – Division of Energy Services
    • Jeff Hicken, Manager – Gas Trading, Alliant Energy
    • Peter Taglia, Environmental Geologist
    • Dale Nesbitt, MarketPoint Founder, Deloitte MarketPoint, LLC
    • Betsey Day, Stantec Consulting
    • Ken Detmer, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
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