About WPUI

WPUI taps into the resources of the UW System’s experts and students as well as private industry and public interest groups.

About WPUI

Founded in 1982, the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute’s mission is to advance understanding of public policy issues in the electricity, telecommunications, and gas industries. We provide information and education programs in addition to other services that aid in the examination and development of appropriate public policies for those industries. Our programs and services communicate the diversity of views that exist on current policy issues, particularly the leading-edge issues that will affect the future of those industries and the customers they serve.

WPUI is a member-supported organization and relies on membership fees and program registration fees to fund our work.  The activities of the Institute follow the “Wisconsin Idea” of applying the resources of the University to meet the need for information outside of the University’s boundary. The Institute achieves its mission through the exchange, creation, integration, transfer and application of knowledge. It provides forums for discussion, dialog, and debate on public policy issues, often at the request of its members.  Programs are often open to the public, and materials may be posted on our website after events.  At times, we will charge a fee for participation in meetings, typically commensurate with our cost and effort to host the meeting.  Membership is not required to view the events posted on our website.


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